Zelus & Bia
Zelus & Bia Inventory Card
Base Damage 104
Durability 25
Rarity Unique
Type Faeblades
Requirements See Miscellaneous
Effects 18 Health
+10% Physical Damage
+5% Stun Chance

Zelus & Bia is a weapon in Teeth of Naros DLC.


Though the Kollossae have not had many dealings with the Fae of Dalentarth, they have heard of the elegant weapons these denizens of nature wield. These were likely made by some curious weaponsmith who sought to marry the form of Faeblades with a Kollossae aesthetic.

Damage BreakdownEdit


  • +18 Health
  • +10% Physical Damage
  • +5% Chance to Stun

Quest Edit

The Zelus & Bia is given by Secandra after defeating the Choir Master during the quest The Perpetual Desolations if the Beckoned favors Finesse.

Location Edit

Zelus & Bia can be found randomly in chests or as loot in the Teeth of Naros.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The Zelus & Bias' stats (base damage, health effects, & requirements) are scaled according to the Fateless One's experience level.
  • The maximum stats possible are shown.