Ysa's Breath
Ysa's Breath card
Reagent Effect Resistance

Ysa's Breath is a reagent available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Unique to the Faelands , this colorful wildflower thrives in extreme temperatures and all sorts of weather. Because of this durability, it yields the magic of its Resistance to a potion.


Ysa's Breath is a reagent used to create potions. Its property is resistance.

Consuming an Ysa's Breath by itself provides the following effects:

  • +10% Damage Resistance


Ysa's Breath can be harvested, purchased, or found as loot.


The following merchants sell this reagent:


Map Locations include:

  • Allestar Glade (4)
  • The Sidhe (2) (By the left side of the pond before Ysa's entrance path.)
  • Lorca-Rane (1) (At the entrance of Ohn's_Stand)
  • There is another just N of Ohn's Stand
  • St. Edric's Mission
  • Gorhart - around town there are several, one is in the garden plot near the apothecary's
  • Along the path between Allestar Glade and Gorhart
  • NW section of Odarath about halfway between the 2 entrances to Waterdeep
  • Around Didenhall
  • NW of Luminitsia's cabin near Didenhall
  • N of Gorhart near the Shring of Thyrdon
  • S of Gorguath near the river
  • Star Camp, there are several. One is near the archery range, there are more along the horseshoe shaped section of road where the N entrance is.

​Additional InfoEdit


  • Ysa's Breath flowers feature a curious rune-like design, one on each petal. No other reagent plant has been observed with such a pattern. 


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