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Basic Info
Located in Dalentarth
Type Area
  • Arden's Hut
  • Ballads Library
  • Shieldring Keep
  • Caves
  • Overgrown Thicket
  • Castle Yolvan
  • Factions
  • House of Ballads
  • Warsworn
  • Quests
  • Knowledge Lost
  • Reprisal, Reprised
  • Yolvan is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Yolvan is an area between Odarath, Webwood and Glendara in Dalentarth. It is more thinly forested than the surrounding areas, as a result of the ancient ruins throughout the area. The abandoned Castle Yolvan is one of the largest ruins in the area. The Warsworn stronghold Shieldring Keep is also here, built on the ruins of an ancient temple to a war god.


    Yolvan is mostly divided into a northern and southern part connected by a path. The northern part borders on Odarath and has a path leading east to Glendara. The southern part borders on Webwood and can also be reached from Glendara via Ironhold Passage. The boundaries with Odarath to the north and Webwood to the south are not well defined. Another part of Yolvan around the Ballads Library is cut off from the rest of the region and can only be reached through Webwood or Haxhi. There is an abandoned encampment near the entrance to Ironhold Passage where the human settlers captured by Bloody Bones will go after being freed from Uduath.


    The following NPCs can be found in this region:


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    The following lorestones are found here:

    • Stone of Summer x 1


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