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Worth Fighting For

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Worth Fighting For
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Quest Giver Hreid Amelthoe
Location Galette
Prerequisite None
Next Quest Into the Breach
Reward Ring of Fyragnos, Tomb of Fyragnos Key
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Worth Fighting For is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Hreid Amelthoe new Galette in the southwest of The Red Marches
  • Meet him in Galette Tunnels and fight a few kobolds inside
  • Return to the handle near the entrance and Hried will tell you that you need to find two corpses to get the combination:
    • One is about halfway through the tunnels on the north side near the central depression.
    • The second is near the end of the tunnels at the end of the long straight piece.
  • Return back to the handle, enter the sequence and collect the loot (including an important ring for Tomb of Fyragnos tunnels.)
  • Fight a few people that come in to complete the quest.


  • A ring that opens a special door in the Tomb of Fyragnos. Required for Lorestones.


  • Alternatively, Her Righteous Fury also gives enough keys to allow access to the Red March's lorestones. When you open a door in the tomb, a key is used up.
  • This quest is REQUIRED to get access to the Red Marshes lorestones!

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