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Worth Fighting For
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Quest Giver Hreid Amelthoe
Location Galette
Prerequisite None
Next Quest His Brother's Keeper
Reward Ring of Fyragnos, Key to Tomb of Fyragnos (I)
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Worth Fighting For is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Hreid Amelthoe, a mercenary camped in the Red Marches, wants my help uncovering a treasure in the caverns below Galette.  His crew left him behind to claim the treasure on their own, and he wants to find the treasure before they do.


This is the first of the four quests in The Red Marches which begin in the town of Galette.


  • Make a save file prior to going further as The Red Marches Quests sometimes fail if the quests are completed in some certain orders.
  • Talk to Hreid Amelthoe in Galette in the southwest of The Red Marches
    • A Persuasion Attempt is possible here to get more gold as a reward upon completing the quest.
  • Meet Hreid in the Galette Tunnels and fight a few Kobolds inside.
    • To avoid a potential quest-breaking bug do NOT loot ANY chests or ANY bodies (including the kobolds) until you are told to inspect corpses.
  • Return to the lever located near the entrance. Speak to Hreid.
    • You must interact with Hreid as he does not automatically speak to you and the quest marker does not update.
  • Location of first body marked by a red cross (X)
  • Location of second body marked by a red cross (X)
  • Hried will tell you that to use the lever and open the locked door you need to obtain the combination by searching for the corpses of two of Hreid's group members. He will investigate any corpses you interact with and determine whether they were members of his original party and whether they have the combination.
    • One is about halfway through the tunnels on the north side near the central depression.
    • The second is further along up the slope at the beginning of the last part of the tunnel.
  • With the combination in hand, return back to the locked door and use the lever. Enter the sequence (automatically done) and collect the loot (including an important ring for the Tomb of Fyragnos)
  • An ambush appears consisting of members of Belen's Testament. Defeat them to complete the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based, and the Ring of Fyragnos).



  • Curiously, Her Righteous Fury also gives enough keys to allow access to the Red March's lorestones. When you open a door in the tomb, a key is used up. However it is recommended to complete this quest prior to Her Righteous Fury.
  • This quest is REQUIRED to get access to the Red Marshes Lorestones.


  • Before accepting any of the quests in the Red Marches be sure to create a save which you can revert to in the event a bug occurs. Additionally check the notes and bugs sections on their respective pages. The quests Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury and Into the Breach are related and begin in Galette. It is suggested to avoid fast traveling whilst until after the completion of Into the Breach. It is also advised to use the available bedrolls to sleep and allow the quest giver(s) time to return to camp.
    • It is recommended to complete the quests in the order of Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury then Into the Breach to avoid bugs. Do one quest at a time; It is possible to get bugs/crashes if you do them all at once.

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