These canine-like creatures are a common foe in Amalur. They are generally seen in packs and commonly seen near bigger creatures. They will howl from a distance then charge at you. They are easiest to take down from a distance and by using fast weapons on them, to stun them to death. Their lunge isn't hard to dodge with good timing, but because the time window for a successful dodge is so small (combined with their movement speed and how accurate the lunge is) it's nearly impossible to consistently dodge 3-4 of them... and this makes them pretty dangerous when they come alongside multiple Ettin or Jottun. Wolves take normal damage from all sources (no resistance, no weakness).

One of them at a time can be tamed as a familiar by Cillian Keen in The Legend of Dead Kel, and you can train it with meat.

Special wolves Edit

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