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Winter Fae
Winter Fae
City and Homeland
formely Bhaile, Klurikon, Alabastra, The Faelands

Winter Fae is a Non-playable race in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Harsh. Unyielding. Inevitable.

Though the presence of the Winter Fae, or Unseelie, may elicit a sense of foreboding, it would be a mistake to look upon them as a force of evil. They represent the waning of the seasons, the entropy and death which are a necessary part of the Great Cycle.

In recent years, the Court of Winter has been plunged into chaos by the rise of Gadflow, a murderous usurper who stole the Winter throne. Though Gadflow's stranglehold over his people is near absolute, a small group of Winter Fae cling to the old ways and oppose the mad king, seeking some say to restore balance to the world.

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