Wildfrold's Notes
Wildfrold's Notes Inventory
In-Game Title The Talisman of Fate
Author Wildfrold
Detail These scribbled notes belong to the famous historian Wildfrod, and are a partial account of the only battle ever waged between the Summer and Winter Courts of the Fae.
Location bookshelf inside The Luminary Leaf in lower Rathir
Preceded By Kallas' Notes

Wildfrold's Notes is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This item fulfills part of the quest Life's Work. The other three items needed are Aewald's Notes, Dulstan's Notes and Kallas' Notes.


The Talisman of Fate

Later, the body of Lord Ohn was discovered, dead, naked, stripped of his potent enchanted armor and weapons. Lord Ysa survived the battle, only to die a few days later after declaring victory in the Gardens of the Seelie, which were later named the Garden of Ysa. Before his death, Lord Ysa ordered the plains searched for the page and the Talisman of Fate, but neither were ever found.


  • This, along with Aewald's Notes cannot be found within the Forsaken Plain like what has been told by the Quest Details.
  • For the location of this item, refer to the original quest, Life's Work.
  • This scroll takes one inventory slot permanently and cannot be added to junk or destroyed.

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