Whitestone Tarnished
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Location Detyre
Type Task

Whitestone Tarnished is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Whitestone Tarnished is a Task acquired by collecting one of the 4 Motus Mining papers scattered around Detyre.

"Motus Mining pulled out of Apotyre suddenly, leaving many citizens wondering why. Perhaps if I search the abandoned mining sites and offices, I might discover the reason behind their hasty departure."


"Locate files of the Motus Mining Company."

Mining Company Paper Locations:Edit

  • Days 1-24;- Found in Apotyre, Whitestone in a 2nd floor chest in the Thirsty Wench.
  • Days 25-44;- Found in a bookshelf under a merchant's tent in Sun Camp. Said tent will be on the second marked pathway when entering the camp (first raised boardwalk on the northwest). An easier way to locate the bookshelf is to head towards the forge and face northwest. It's about half the height but can be easily missed.
  • Days 45-50;- Just south of Snaketail Grotto, inside a dresser. Face south from the entrance and look for a "doorless" shack behind a Black Cohosh plant.
  • Day 51;- On one of the bandits in the passway between Apotyre and Menetyre.


Once you have collected all four documents, the quest is completed (level-based XP ~370 at level 30, but no Gold)  and the documents can now be sold (they serve no other purpose/quest). Received 2,582 exp at level 34


  • If you have already completed the mission, you may find a second copy of this in Sun camp on the bookshelf beneath the walkway. It is recommended not to take this second copy after having completed the quest once already as the item will remain in your inventory and can't be removed.
  • There are two copies of Days 25-44 in Sun Camp. One as mentioned above, the second can be found on a bookshelf under the boardwalk. Picking up both will count towards mission completion. If you find the fifth paper, it will remain in your inventory and can't be removed.
  • The copy of Day 51 can be found on a corpse the bandits/outlaws are standing over near an overturned cart.


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