What Remains
Dead kel what remains
Dead Kel during a cinematic in Cliffbreak Fasting
Quest Giver Captain Brattigan
Location Cape Solace (Gallows End)
Prerequisite The Legend of Dead Kel
Next Quest Dark Harbor
Reward None
Faction None
Type Main Quest

What Remains is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


I've arrived safely at the village of Cape Solace on the remote island of Gallows End. I should speak with Captain Brattigan to find out if there's a way we can secure passage back to the mainland.


Scuttle BeachEdit

Cliffbreak FastingEdit

  • In the Fasting, Nina Malloi introduces herself and offers help finding Asa Arding.
  • A handful of Scavs and some Faer Gorta stand between the Fateless One and Asa Arding, but the path is linear. She explains that Dead Kel and his crew attacked the ship and stripped everything, and that Kel is nearby.
  • A path opens up, and the Fateless One should continue onwards after healing.
  • As every self-respecting megalomaniac does, Dead Kel proclaims the futility of trying to kill him and the miserable death awaiting everyone on his island. He then disappears, leaving behind a host of Faer Gorta Captains and Faer Gorta Shipmen.
  • Once they're down Nina mentions another wreck, and the Fateless One can send her off to pursue the crew inlands or to explore the wreck. See Notes.
  • Another passage opens up, which the Fateless One can use to return to the beginning of the dungeon.

Cape SolaceEdit

  • Return back to Captain Brattigan who will tell you a bit more about upcoming sacrifice and Dead Kel, and will then send you on to your next quest Dark Harbor.

Notable LootEdit


  • A Message in a Bottle II can be found south-east of Souldeep Fasting
  • A Message in a Bottle III can be found on the eastern side of Cape Solace by jumping down from the gallows into the water and heading out. It is near the three-way junction before the path narrows and goes under the path above.
  • The Cliffbreak Fasting contains a Blacksmithing Forge.
  • The Fasting also contains Map Fragment - Cape Solace - needed for Scattered Fragments.
  • Sending Nina on her little adventure can have different consequences based on the choice:
    • If she is sent to explore the wreck she will come back in a day and hand the Fateless One a unique longsword the Niskaru Blade.

      Nina finds a prisoner

    • If she is sent inlands after the crew she will come back with a prisoner. His name is Dylan Gravenor. He will Unbind Gems as a service for being a prisoner.
  • After returning from the first adventure (regardless of the outcome) nina mentions seeing another ship, this one intact, and its crew. The Fateless One can once again decide - whether to send her after the leader or have her stay in the village.
    • If she is sent after the leader Nina gets captured by bandits (who will be dealt with in The Invaders) and killed by the bandits (though she mysteriously returns for the events in Akara-Tor).
    • If she is told to stay in the village her little series of adventures ends and she remains in the village.

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