What Lies Beneath
What lies beneath
Quest Giver Hallam the White
Location House of Ballads
Prerequisite Completion of Two Knights and a Troll
Next Quest The Champions
Faction House of Ballads
Type Faction

What Lies Beneath is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


What Lies Beneath is the fourth quest in the House of Ballads questline.


Make the trip to St. Eadric's Mission in The Sidhe in search of Father Etair. Enter the Bunkhouse. Loot the desk by the front door (either by picking the lock or by using the key found upstairs) and you will find a journal titled Saturday detailing Etair's misgivings and a storage case with traces Prismere Dust. This storage case is Quest oriented and does not take an inventory slot. The various Day titled journals do take a slot. Head upstairs and find Etair's body.

Speak to the monks. You are guided to St. Eadric's Well at the north end of the mission. Descend into the well and search the chest to the east. Move west and destroy the Kobolds and loot two more chests before heading north. Watch out for the traps and kill a few Kobolds before progressing past another tripwire trap.

Defeat the Kobolds in the next area and loot a crystal off the corpses and check the chest. Jump off the cliff and slay more Kobolds then wade through the water to another group of Kobolds. Loot the chest and the crystal off the bodies then go north where another chest is located. Defeat the next group of Kobolds and loot their bodies for a crystal. There is yet another chest in an alcove to the west before you enter more water.

You can find Brother Wulf on a small island in the water. Swim to the island and talk with him. It is possible to dispel him to receive the Whistle. Use the Whistle from your inventory to reveal the location of the last crystal. The crystal is located on a small island across the water. Retrieve the last crystal then return to Hallam the White for your reward (level-dependant XP, but no Gold).


  • Various loot found beneath the well and on the Kobolds.


  • You need only one skill point to successfully dispel Wulf. Buy or make a potion, or, if yet available, use a Destiny which gives you additional skill points ("Wayfarer", for example, +1 to all skills)
  • If you don't dispel Wulf he will attack you. You must then kill him and loot his body to get the whistle.

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