Well Progress Log
Well Progress Log
In-Game Title Well Progress Log
Author Fomorous Hugues
Detail Careful copperplate lettering records a monthly log of the Well's progress. It appears to be the latest in a very long set of logs.
Location On a desk next to the Well of Souls.

Well Progress Log is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A log written by Hugues about the progress of the Well of Souls and it's various experiments. It is found laying on a desk right next to the well of souls in Allestar Tower.


Well Progress Log

Experiments are now successfully recreating bodies 97.5% of the time - any missing limbs or extra fingers are now probably how the original subject looked, rather than a magical flux on our end. However, full revivification still eludes us. Even with increased testing, products are nothing more than inert lumps of skin and bone - although the occasional spasm or twitch does allow hope of full success in the future.

I know some of you complain that we should use cadavers and skip the corpse recreation altogether, but you must know we'd never be allowed to experiment with a subject's actual body. We may be working to recreate life, but that hardly allows us to desecrate the dead. Any further complaints can be brought to me directly.

-Fomorous Hugues


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