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Weapon Gems are a type of gem in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. They can be added to any weapon with an open weapon gem slot. Gems can be removed by a sagecrafter for a fee or at a Sagecraft Altar if you have sufficient skill.

Any effects added by a Weapon Gem only apply to that weapon.

List of Weapon GemsEdit

Gem Effect Shard 1 Shard 2
Bolstering Gem^ 16 Physical Damage Lambent Physical Shard x2
Galvanizing Gem 30 Physical Damage Pristine Physical Shard x2
Gem of Amplitude +15% Physical Crit Damage Pristine Poison Shard Pristine Protection Shard
Gem of Bloodletting 15% Lifesteal 25 Pristine Magic Shard Pristine Physical Shard
Gem of Bloodthirst^ 15% Lifesteal 15 Cloudy Magic Shard Cloudy Physical Shard
Gem of Carnage^ 5 Bleeding/5 Cloudy Fire Shard* Cloudy Physical Shard
Gem of Combustion 17 Fire Damage
10 Burning/6
Lambent Fire Shard Lambent Magic Shard
Gem of Conflagration 9 Fire Damage
5 Burning/6
Cloudy Fire Shard Cloudy Magic Shard
Gem of Decay 6 Poison/5 Cloudy Poison Shard x2
Gem of Devouring 15% Lifesteal 20 Lambent Magic Shard Lambent Physical Shard
Gem of Ferocity 15% Manasteal 20 Lambent Magic Shard x2
Gem of Fire 4 Fire Damage
3 Burning/5
Cloudy Fire Shard x2
Gem of Frost

17 Ice Damage
7 Freezing/4

Lambent Ice Shard Lambent Magic Shard
Gem of Gluttony 15% Manasteal 25 Pristine Magic Shard x2
Gem of Hemorrhaging^ 15 Bleeding/5 Lambent Fire Shard* Lambent Physical Shard
Gem of Ice 4 Ice Damage
2 Freezing/2
Cloudy Ice Shard x2
Gem of Incineration 30 Fire Damage
20 Burning/7
Pristine Fire Shard Pristine Magic Shard
Gem of Justice +5% Physical Crit Damage Cloudy Poison Shard Cloudy Protection Shard
Gem of Leeching^ 15% Lifesteal 5 Cloudy Poison Shard Cloudy Fire Shard*
Gem of Lightning 4 Lightning Damage
3 Shocking/3
Cloudy Lightning Shard x2
Gem of Magnitude +9% Physical Crit Damage Lambent Poison Shard Lambent Protection Shard
Gem of Putrefication 24 Poison/6 Lambent Physical Shard Lambent Poison Shard
Gem of Ravening^ 15% Manasteal 15 Cloudy Magic Shard x2
Gem of Rot 48 Poison/7 Pristine Physical Shard Pristine Poison Shard
Gem of Slaughter^ 20 Bleeding/5 Pristine Fire Shard* Pristine Physical Shard
Gem of Snow^ 9 Ice Damage
4 Freezing/3
Cloudy Magic Shard Cloudy Ice Shard
Gem of Sparks 17 Lightning Damage
8 Shocking/7
Lambent Lightning Shard Lambent Magic Shard
Gem of Tempest 30 Lightning Damage
15 Shocking/10
Pristine Lightning Shard Pristine Magic Shard
Gem of Thunder^ 9 Lightning Damage
4 Shocking/3
Cloudy Magic Shard Cloudy Lightning Shard
Gem of Venom 13 Poison/6 Cloudy Poison Shard Cloudy Physical Shard
Gem of Voracity^ 15% Manasteal 5 Cloudy Fire Shard* Cloudy Ice Shard*
Gem of Winter 30 Ice Damage
18 Freezing/6
Pristine Ice Shard Pristine Magic Shard

Invigorating Gem^

9 Physical Damage Lambent Magic Shard* Lambent Protection Shard
Scout's Gem 4 Piercing Damage Cloudy Physical Shard Cloudy Protection Shard
Seeker's Gem 12 Piercing Damage Cloudy Protection Shard x2
Stalker's Gem 20 Piercing Damage Lambent Protection Shard x2
Saboteur's Gem 25 Piercing Damage Pristine Protection Shard* x2
Strengthening Gem^ 5 Physical Damage Cloudy Protection Shard

Cloudy Magic Shard*

(^) - Multiple Shard Combinations

(*) - Can be replaced with any Fire/Ice/Lightning shard of the same rank

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