War Cry
Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites 50 points in Might
Tier 5
Levels 6 (+2)
Type Active
Let loose a terrifying cry that intimidates enemies, reducing their Damage output. Can be upgraded to knock down enemies. 


War Cry is a Might-based ability where the character shouts a powerful cry that causes all nearby enemies to have a reduced damage output. With higher levels, War Cry can knock over enemies.


There are six levels to War Cry. Two more may be unlocked via ability bonuses. At levels 4 and above, War Cry also knocks enemies down.

Level Enemy damage reduction Duration Mana cost
1 -20% 6 seconds 15
2 -25% 8 seconds 20
3 -30% 10 seconds 25
4 -35% 12 seconds 30
5 -40% 14 seconds 35
6 -45% 16 seconds 40
7 -50% 18 seconds 40
8 -55% 20 seconds 40


War Cry00:05

War Cry

Related AbilitiesEdit

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