Verdant Blades
Verdant Blades Inventory
Base Damage 120
Durability 26
Rarity Infrequent
Type Chakrams
Requirements Level 10

Verdant Blades is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


These two deadly blades were once wielded by Lady Clary Ansilla, the ruler of the Caeled Coast.

Damage BreakdownEdit


The Verdant Blades can be found Inside an Ansilla Family Lockbox in Seawatch Castle. They are given to the Fateless One by Drewn Ansilla as a reward for completing the side quest The Blades and the Seal.


  • "Verdant" means green.
  • Although it has a unique name and a description, this weapon is not of unique quality. Infrequent could have been used to tie in with its name and design.