Ventrinio Descellini
Basic Info
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Class Mage
Faction Formerly Domus Politica
Services Quest Giver/Temporary Companion

Ventrinio Descellini is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


"My name is Ventrinio Descellini, and I am Professor Emiritus Abscondus of Postmortem Studies at the Adessa University. Of course that was all before I began work on the Well of Souls. Such an important undertaking doesn't leave much time for other pursuits, you know."


Ventrinio is a gnome who is working on the Well of Souls project. He was originally working alongside Fomorous Hugues in Detyre, but due to his extreme methods, Hugues reported Ventrinio's activities to the Templars. Ventrinio was arrested and sentenced to execution.

However, Ventrinio's and Fomorous Hugues' mutual benefactor, Templar Octienne, saw potential in Ventrinio's lack of scruples. Ventrinio was whisked away to a desolate island off the coast of Klurikon, known as Dannestar Isle. Dannestar Tower, similar to Fomorous Hugues' Allestar Tower, was built for Ventrinio so he could continue his line of research. Octienne sent Ventrinio there for two reasons: One, no other templar would ever look there if they ever became suspicious about him or what really happened to Ventrinio; and two, it was close to Bhaile, making it easier to gather the prismere needed to fuel the Well of Souls.

Octienne sent the Fateless One as an assistant to work for Ventrinio. According to Ventrinio, the Fateless One was a very cold, calculating person who did whatever it took to succeed in any given task. But Ventrinio was extremely satisfied with his new assistant's performance after a massive amount of prismere had been gathered. He was so pleased that he attuned his Well of Souls to the Fateless One, hoping to revive him/her if he/she was to die suddenly.

Ventrinio never knew that the Fateless One was an agent for another organization and had infiltrated Ventrinio's project in order to facilitate his/her main mission, the assassination of Gadflow and the resealing of Tirnoch. All Ventrinio was told before the Fateless One infiltrated Bhaile for the last time was to find the source of prismere. Ventrinio attempted to talk the Fateless One out of venturing deeper into Bhaile, but couldn't, and after some time, Ventrinio infiltrated Bhaile himself in an attempt to recover the Fateless One's body.

Later on, when the Fateless One and his/her allies arrive on Dannestar Isle to find Ventrinio, Dannestar Tower is under attack from Ventrinio's own creations - an army of undead Sons of Laz. The Fateless One saves Ventrinio from his undead army, and they flee the tower before it's destroyed by the Well of Souls gone haywire. After some questioning, Ventrinio offers to assist the Fateless One and his/her allies in their fight against Gadflow.

The first problem on the road to Alabastra is Dren, the Defender of Pride, whose aura protects him from any harm. Ventrinio supplies the Essence of Valor which was once part of Dyth, who was the Defender of Valor and Dren's twin. The Essence of Valor provides the Fateless One with a way to defeat Dren, and opens the way for the Alfar Military to invade Alabastra, the homeland of the Tuatha Deohn.

Alyn kills Ventrinio

Alyn standing over Ventrinio's body

Due to their limited numbers, the allies decide to split up and travel separately in Alabastra in order to decrease their chances of being detected. The allies were to reconvene before the House of Vengeance and fight their way into Bhaile.

Ventrinio travels with Alyn Shir and sends periodic messages to Agarth, who distrusts Alyn. Before departing, Ventrinio mentions the urgent need to speak to the Fateless One in secrecy, and asks the Fateless One to find him along the route so they can have a private discussion.

However, when the allies regroup at the House of Vengeance, Alyn and Ventrinio are missing and Ventrinio has stopped sending messages.

After defeating the Cur of Vengeance and gaining access to Bhaile, the Fateless One discovers Alyn and Ventrinio in a courtyard, with Ventrinio dead.  Alyn states that Ventrinio had become obsessed with the power of Tirnoch and prismere and began having megalomanic dreams of power, much like Gadflow, and had turned on her, forcing her to kill him.


Ventrinio is first found at Dannestar Isle in Dannestar Tower. Afterwards, he will be found in various locations along the road to Bhaile.


Echoes of the Past


  • Ventrinio is responsible for the creation of the Sons of Laz. Evidence and notes can be found in his tower, and during conversations.
  • Ventrinio's extreme methods and lack of ethics were what got him sentenced to death, as well as what saved him from the execution.
  • It's not known exactly what Ventrinio wanted to discuss with the Fateless One, but it's likely that due to his obsession with finding endless supplies of prismere under Bhaile, he either had come close to discovering or would eventually have discovered prismere's secret nature and learned of Tirnoch. In either case Alyn Shir would have been forced to kill him-- which is exactly what she did.


You never talked about yourself, but you were... you were terrifying, okay? You were the coldest, most terrifying thing I've ever met! You wouldn't have threatened me like this -- you would have just stabbed me to death and looted my corpse. Seriously, I saw you do that to people! Often!
when pressed for answers about the Fateless One's past, outside the Dannestar Tower
You didn't like talking about yourself. Actually, you didn't like much of anything. Honestly, you were a terror to be around... But you've changed! I can tell! Before you died, you would never have been this... diplomatic. You probably would have knifed me for answers by now.
when asked the Fateless One's past, outside the Dannestar Tower
He wasn't fit to hold my crucible, much less carry on my work. He could barely even stand to open a warm corpse for study!
when mentioning his former colleague, Fomorous Hugues


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