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Vane's Luck
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Quest Giver Contract board
Location Helmgard Keep
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Type Side Quest

Vane's Luck is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Defeat Grinning  Vane

"A notorious freeman, Grinning Vane, has been driven into Lucky Mine in Actha. The contract offers gold to anyone who braves the caverns and defeats him."


Vane's Luck can be started by picking up the entry "Wanted: Freeman outlaw Grinning Vane" from the Helmgard Keep contract board.


  • Vane can be found in Lucky Mine.
  • The dungeon is fairly linear, with several groups of freeman assassins, giant rats, 3 chests, one hidden loot pile, one skeleton (on a wooden ramp to the right after you enter the water), two corpses and 4 traps.
  • Vane awaits at the end of the mine with a few henchmen. If you took the shortcut around the traps all freeman assassins you passed up will run to join in the fight. It's possible to have 10 other assassins including the fae-blade weilding Vane all fighing you at once. Vane's signature move is to charge at you then "lunge" quickly once near.
  • Loot Grinning Vane and take his armband .
  • Return back to Helmgard Keep to collect your reward.


  • XP and Gold, both level-based

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