Oh hey, blog posts. Those are fun.

I'm very interested in the theology of Amalur. There are Gods and Goddesses that grant bonuses, have shrines, and are available upon character creation to certain races, but there's not much more information than that. Mitharu seems to pretty heavily discusses if you read Almain books and talk to her priests, and Ethene is explored in the Teeth of Naros DLC. Other than that I haven't experienced any insight on the Gods of the gameworld, and I'm looking forward to if and when they're further developed.

Are there more extensive portfolios, is there cultural art of the Gods, what are the worship practices, are there sub-cults under each God? I'm adoring Amalur so far, and I truly hope the culture and society side of the gameworld is expanded as Project Copernicus comes along, and if there are more DLC made for the game.

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