Hi everyone, I'm a new regular contributor to the Amalur Wiki, and this is my first News blog post.

While wandering around in Amalur, fighting off the Tuatha and Niskaru, and completing quests (often a thankless task), it occurred to me that the Fateless One really needs to unwind and relax once in a while! So what is there to do in Amalur besides bloodshed and mayhem? Picking alchemical reagents can be a nice passive pastime, even if it often means risking your neck.

Hanging ten bolgan style

Hanging ten, bolgan style.

What would your Fateless One do in Amalur to let off some steam? I've just created a new sub-category of User Images called Extracurricular Activities. It was inspired by a chance opportunity during the Siege of Moondown in Alabastra, when a Bolgan fell under a meteor strike and lost its shield into the nearby river. I could just imagine my Fateless One running up and jumping onto the oversized shield, using it as a skimboard.

Feel free to add your own images of your Fateless One doing an extracurricular activity in Amalur. Please tag them with both the User Images and Extracurricular Activities categories to ensure nobody is under any misapprehension that these are, in fact, just user images and not canonical.

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