Unlucky Charm
Unlucky charm
Quest Giver Edwin Hoswig or Wane Emundas
Location Emaire
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold or Various items
Faction No
Type Side Quest

Unlucky Charm is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A bleeding villager in Emaire will ask you to retrieve some amulet after giving you a sob story about being robbed on the road. If your Detect Hidden is high enough, you can choose the extra dialogue option and pick apart the guy's lies. You will end the talk (one way or another) with a target fleeing into the Cradle of Summer.

Alternately, you can get the mission by speaking with Wane Emundas on the second floor of Oddities and Curios in Emaire (the Sagecrafting shop).

Hunt down the second thief, Gelt Far, located in the Cradle of Summer. As it turns out, the stolen amulet, the Eye of Amman is cursed and the thief asks you to cleanse the cursed amulet by entering the Fae Hollow Syl and soak it in the purifying water at the the altar there.

Beware that once you take the amulet, you will be affected with three curses which make you to you have a random chance of being "damaged" by fire, ice, or lightning each time you make an attack - the chance varies from 15% to 20% depending on the element. If your gear or stats are not up to snuff, the Syl dungeon will be seriously fatal. On the other hand, if you are capable of auto-regenerating health faster than you can lose it, you should be fine. Also, if you have invested in the Might class then you can use Relentless Assault and the hits of magic won't stop your combos. Kill the enemies within, use the sacred font at the end of the dungeon, and return the amulet to either the thief who took the amulet, or the actual owner (Wane Emundas).


  • For giving it to Edwin Hoswig
    • Level-dependent XP (but no Gold)
    • Prismere Lockpick x1
    • Repair Kit x1
    • Lockpick x2
    • Lambent Physical Shard x2
  • For giving it to Wane Emundas
    • Level-dependent Gold and XP (slightly more than if you give the amulet to Edwin)
    • Copper Ring



Pressure plate switch that opens the door

  • It is advised that the player goes into Syl to cleanse the amulet right after receiving it, as the three curses are very dangerous, even deadly depending on your level.
  • The door leading out of the final chamber is activated by a pressure-plate located on the floor, right in front of the door. Once the switch is stepped on the door will open. The switch might be easy to miss due to its organic look that blends in with the rest of the floor - see image to the right for close-up and map location.
  • The curses inflicted upon you by the amulet are particularly dangerous for wielders of Faeblades as they  have very high attack speeds and can hit multiple opponents, greatly increasing the chances one of the curses will activate. If you use them, it is recommended you switch to a slower, more focused weapon until the curse is lifted from the amulet.
  • The Eye of Amman amulet is non-equippable.
  • Wane Emundas will sometimes glitch when you talk to him and leave without giving him amulet, causing you not to receive reward
  • If the Fateless One gets him or herself cursed and have it removed before getting the amulet they will have the 3 curses negated. However the Fateless One must clean the amulet before curse immunity wears off to keep the curse effects at bay.


  • If you clear out Syl and open the door to the final chamber before receiving the amulet, you will have no need to fight before cleansing the amulet. Beware however if walking over the pressure-plate on the way back in, as you may lock yourself in. The door can only be activated once each time you enter Syl so be cautious or save prior to entering Syl.


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