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Unique WeaponsEdit

Unique weapons are easily distinguishable by the color of their names. The names of Unique Weapons being Purple. On the color scale they are above Rare item's marked with blue names, and below Set piece items marked with Gold names.

How to Acquire Unique WeaponsEdit

Unique Weapons can be acquired at any level. They can be found in chests, hidden in rock piles or hollow logs (discovered with a Detect Hidden skill of at least 2) or given to the player after the completion of a quest. They may also be found randomly as drops from monsters.

List of Unique Weapons Edit


See Longswords


See Greatswords


See Hammer


See Daggers


See Longbows


See Faeblades


See Staff


See Chakrams


See Sceptre

Downloadable ContentEdit

With The Legend of Dead Kel and Teeth of Naros DLC, new unique weapons have been added to the main game.

The Legend of Dead Kel DLCEdit

The following weapons were added as part of The Legend of Dead Kel DLC:

Teeth of NarosEdit

The following weapons were added as part of Teeth of Naros DLC:

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