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Ungentle Beasts

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Ungentle Beasts
Ungentle beasts
Quest Giver Job Board in Shieldring Keep
Location Overgrown Thicket
Reward Level-based gold and experience.
Faction No
Type Side

Ungentle Beasts is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This side quest can be taken from the Job Board inside Shieldring Keep. A book describing different beasts has been lost inside Overgrown Thicket when its owner was surprised and chased away.


Head to the Overgrown Thicket. Inside there are three groups of enemies: one at the beginning, another one in the middle and the last one at the end of the dungeon. In order to reach the book the player must defeat the enemies and then loot the Bestiary residing on a small rock, near the last group of enemies. Take the book and return to the Keep to receive your reward in gold from Idwold Freward.


  • Level-dependant Gold & XP

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