Deirdre in the Keep Library
Quest Giver Deirdre Gwint
Location Gravehal Keep Library
Prerequisite Gravehal Library
Next Quest None
Reward Books
Faction Gravehal
Type Faction Quest

Translations is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Deirdre Gwint has told me of some ancient texts that she's discovered since arriving on Gallows End. She has offered to translate any others that I find. As I discover the ancient texts, I should bring them back to Deirdre in the Keep Library for translation.


This is more a task than a quest. Ancient texts can be found in several locations on Gallows End. Deirdre will translate them for the Fateless One. Each book takes one day to translate. There are a total of 12 books.

Some of the book locations are listed below:

Translated Texts Edit

The Bareleg Sisters

The Crymbil

On Creating Demand


  • Once the Fateless One retrieves a book it should be given to Deirdre for translation.
  • The quest log will update when she's finished.
  • After translating the 12th book the quest ends.


  • Since Akara-Tor can be visited only one time during An Offering, if you miss the Ancient Dvergan Text in there the quest will become uncompletable.
  • The translated books are considered quest items even after completing the quest and cannot be removed from inventory.