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Training is when a character's skill level is raised, this can be done by several means.

Trainers Edit

A trainer is someone who is particularly adept at a certain skill, this trainer can be paid to raise a particular character's skill level by one. The raise is permanent and therefore cannot be reset by a Fateweaver. Each trainer can raise a character's skill level once and once you have utilized a specific trainer, they can't be used again.

For each skill there are four trainers scattered throughout The Faelands. These are two basic, one advanced and one master trainer. Each of these trainers has a range of level requirements in which a character's skill level has to fall, in order to be eligible for training.

If a character falls short of meeting a trainer's requirements - either by having a too low or too high level - a trip to a Fateweaver may help to work around this. Note, however, that the Fateless One cannot sidestep the skill requirements via drinking skill-related potions or wearing skill-related items to temporarily increase the relevant skill proficiency into the trainer's range.

Description Level Gold cost
Basic 0-3 ~15k
Advanced 4-6 ~30k
Master 7-9 ~45k

Available trainers Edit

The following list contains the locations of all available skill trainers within Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.

You can click a column header to (reverse) alphabetically sort the table by the contents of that column.

Trainer Skill Level Location
Jakasen Alchemy 0-3 Ysa, inside the Lyceum Grove on the east side of town.
Molly Janick Alchemy 0-3 Emaire, second floor of Blue Bear Tavern.
Savant Red Thombrum Alchemy 4-6 Rathir, Scholia Arcana.
Conni* Alchemy 7-9 Seawatch
Bertrand Seznec* Alchemy 7-9 Gravehal Keep
Halder Rodric* Blacksmithing 0-3 Shieldring Keep, southwest wing of the Keep.
Holte Frenn Blacksmithing 0-3 Ysa, north side of town inside United Merchants Delegation.
Efyr Dynnwel* Blacksmithing 4-6 Ironfast Keep
Ragna Senn Blacksmithing 7-9 Mel Senshir
Arnick Arduna Detect Hidden 0-3 Gorhart Village
Ambassador Odvar Detect Hidden 0-3 Ysa, inside Embassy Hall, north side of town.
Gawait Hand* Detect Hidden 4-6 Sun Camp
Ney Csalan* Detect Hidden 7-9 Mel Senshir
Eric Porthe* Dispelling 0-3 Adessa
Saramer Dispelling 0-3 Ysa, The Trellis.
Artan Caid Dispelling 4-6 Rathir, Scholia Arcana.
Dionaeach* Dispelling 7-9 House of Sorrows
Tefroy Tarion* Lockpicking 0-3 Tirin's Rest
Thorvald Ulfsson Lockpicking 0-3 Lorca-Rane
Narite Wyle Lockpicking 4-6 Adessa, Hospitalis Quarters.
Elya Madmyr Lockpicking 7-9 Caeled Coast, west of Seawatch.
Elayen Dark Mercantile 0-3 Star Camp
Anton Demian Mercantile 0-3 Alserund, northeast of Caverns of Ingress , Mitharu Shrine.
Eormen Gest Mercantile 4-6 Moon Camp
Enion Gaius Mercantile 7-9 Mel Senshir
Erlen Vanik Mercantile 7-9 Gravehal Keep
Magessa Ohr Persuasion 0-3 Rathir, Upper City.
Ellova Persuasion 0-3 House of Ballads
Templar Montainel* Persuasion 4-6 Adessa, The Isles or Hospitalis Quarters.
Caradas Hyne Persuasion 7-9 Mel Senshir
Savant Raina Njorn* Sagecraft 0-3 Ysa, Delving Hall.
Viscount Setter the Allseer Sagecraft 0-3 Ysa, The Gardens of Ysa or The Font.
Savant Itran Sconn Sagecraft 4-6 Rathir, Scholia Arcana.
Liordran Sagecraft 7-9 The Keening, Balor's Crossing.
Inthaels Scyld Stealth 0-3 Moon Camp
Hiroen Karet Stealth 0-3 Star Camp
Borm of Bowstrings Stealth 4-6 Adessa, Hospitalis Quarters.
Ticnerani Stealth 7-9 Dark Glow Caverns
Marten Strand* Stealth 7-9 Gravehal Keep

Trainer notes Edit

Some trainers will not be available or offer training services until certain quests have been initiated or completed.

Total skill points Edit

There are nine skills, each with ten levels, so there are a total of 90 skill points that can be trained.

There are several ways to acquire skill points:

Number of points How to acquire
4 Permanent racial bonuses

Gained by leveling up until level cap is reached †

36 Each skill can be trained four times
9 Each skill has one skill book

These form a total of 89 skill points available in the game, if planned correctly, this means eight out of nine skills can be fully mastered in the base game. However, extra master trainers become available for Alchemy, Mercantile and Stealth in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC, which allows you to max out all your skills.

Due to trained levels being permanently added, you may permanently disable your character from training at a basic level trainer. This may happen when a character has permanent skill points, that raise a skill level to +4. This can occur when a character has had training from an advanced or master trainer prior to a visit to a Fateweaver. Other permanent skill boosts that contribute to this, are racial bonuses and skills gained from reading skill books.

There are certain items that will raise a character's skill level. Also, the Jack of All Trades destiny track will add one level to all skills, from the Adventurer destiny and up.

† Level starts at level 0.

Racial bonuses Edit

Each race comes with its own racial bonuses. In the previous section, it is explained why these are important when picking skills for your character.

Race +2 +1
Almain Blacksmithing Alchemy
Varani Lockpicking Detect Hidden
Ljosalfar Dispelling Alchemy
Dokkalfar Stealth Persuasion

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