Trailblazer is a Twist of Fate in the Teeth of Naros DLC.


Text displayed when achieving this Twist of Fate is "Your skill at navigating the Teeth of Naros has left you with a preternatural understanding of its wonders and dangers."
Card text is: You so thoroughly explored the Teeth of Naros that no inhabitant is foreign to you, no path unfamiliar, and no secret hidden.

  • +1 to Finesse Abilities
  • +5% to Piercing Damage

This Twist of Fate has a possible bug, in which it does not give/retain the +1 bonus to Finesse.


Received for discovering every location in the Teeth of Naros DLC. Note that this doesn't only include regular locations you can fast travel to, but also each and every "secret" cave containing Kollossae Altars. These caves do not appear in the in-game map or mini-map until they have been entered, and are easy to miss if the player is not actively looking for them.

Spoilers: Kollossae Altars location (the numbering refer to newer kollossae.png pict)

  1. Inside a cave Northwest of Teeth of Naros, located between Kahrunk's Tower and Hystis' Camp. Enter from the northen cliff area to the right of Marauder's Shrine jump point.
  2. Inside a cave West of Teeth of Naros, located between Secandra's and Remes' Camp. Enter from the western cliff area west of 3-way junction.
  3. Inside a cave Northeast of Teeth of Naros, located southwest of Berenike's Camp.
  4. Inside a cave East of Teeth of Naros, slightly west of the 3-way junction of small road descending from Eyrie Peak.
  5. Inside a cave North of Hyperian Temple. Enter by swimming to northern cliff area of the Hyperian Lake.
  6. In the south east corner of the Hyperian lake. There's a green indicator that state Kollossae Altar when mouse is hovered.

Completion of The Lost Litanies is not required.



Trailblazer has roughly the same effects as The Chariot, the only difference being that the chariot gives 6% more Piercing Damage while Trailblazer gives 5%

Trailblazer is bugged and stops giving +1 Finesse after saving and loading the game. It works only from the moment you get it to the moment you load a game.