Torn Robes
Torn robes
Durability 20
Armor Rating 15
Rarity Common
Type Robes
Requirements None
Effects +30% Mana Regen per Sec
Torn Robes is an armor piece in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


(No in-game description)

The Torn Robes are the first robes available to the Fateless One after being resurrected by the Well of Souls in Allestar Tower.

Effects Edit

  • 15 Armor
  • +30% Mana Regen per Second

Location Edit

The Torn Robes can be found in a chest or spider sac inside Allestar Tower.


Salvageable components from the Torn Robes include:

Matching PiecesEdit

The Torn Robes are part of an aesthetically-matching "set" of armor pieces obtained inside Allestar Tower. Wearing all of them does not grant any extra stat bonuses aside from those already listed.

The other matching pieces are:

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