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To Brother Fallon I
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In-Game Title My Dear Brother Fallon,
Author Luminitsa
Detail A small neat, letter penned in a small, neat hand.
Location desk inside St. Hadwin's Mission in Glendara
Followed By To Luminitsa I

To Brother Fallon I is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



My Dear Brother Fallon,

I hope the autumn weather finds you well. You will be glad to know I have tried the combinations of herbs and treesap as you suggested. The result was better by far.

I do sometimes stop to wonder, how alike you and I are. Yet you are the trusted saint, and I the suspicioned witch. Your skills as a herbalist aside, I suppose that you give them order and assurance. I give truth of things to come, often a bitter drink even in the smallest doses.




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