Titans (or Chtonians) are the gods of the Kollossae. Ethene, the goddess of wisdom, is foremost of the Titans and is also worshipped by the Almain and Alfar. The Kollossae are especially devoted to Ethene as they believe she was the one who led then to their current civilized state. Another legend tells of a conflict between the Titans and entities who were even more powerful (see "Titan's Cuff"). During that conflict, one unnamed Titan was captured and bound.

There are nine Titans, of whom the names of eight are known (it is unclear if the ninth is intentionally nameless, or if this is a bug), they are:

  • Ethene
  • Alcyon-Bravery?
  • Arcadia-Beauty
  • Atlasus-Strength, Mountains
  • Hecatyr-Death, Portals
  • Unnamed Goddess? (Possibly Lykeios)
  • Phlegra-Lust, Volcanoes
  • Phoebas-Huntress
  • Selinia-Moonlight, Handmaiden of Lunala


  • This part of the lore refers to Teeth of Naros - DLC
  • Titans refer to the Greek legend of "Titans", who were the "old gods", defeated by the new gods (one of them was Zeus). The legend of a "bound Titan" clearly refers to the Titan "Prometheus" of the ancient greek mythology.

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