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Reagent Effect Fire

Tindertwig is a reagent available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Tindertwig is, rather ironically, fairly difficult to light, maintaining its moisture far longer than most plants. If carefully dried and burned, however, its ash can grant the pure essence of Fire to a potion.


Tindertwig is a reagent used to create potions. Its property is fire.

Consuming a Tindertwig by itself provides the following effects:

  • +10% Fire Damage

Tindertwig requires two levels of Alchemy before it can be properly harvested.

Methods of obtainingEdit

Tindertwig can be found in caverns, chests, and in hidden objects such as loose logs and piles of rocks. It is also sold by the following merchants:


Map Locations include:

  • Ironhold Passage (3)
  • Castle Yolvan in Webwood
  • Cathrus in Webwood
  • Rundamir (2)
  • North of Sunder Caverns in Haxhi, just past Shrine of Thyrdon (3 plants)
  • Aodh (18)
  • Between Webwood and The Sidhe, look at the world map and right above the word Haxhi, are two corpse guarded by a bunch of Sprites. It is loot from one of the corpse. 
  • Inbetween the two stoners smoking a bong in Webwood. It's their happy herb, they won't give it up too easily so get ready for a bong off. You'll have to smoke a bigger bong rip then both of them!

​Additional InfoEdit

  • Interestingly, although the plant itself is blue (and the inventory card reflects this) if you eat a Tindertwig by itself, the effect will have a red flower for its icon.
  • It should be noted that consuming raw tindertwig will not add fire damage, it will only increase the effectiveness of any fire damage already present.



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