Time of Need
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Quest Giver Efyr Dynnwel
Prerequisite Meeting Efyr Dynnwel in A Master's Touch
Type Side Quest

Time of Need is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

It is given during A Master's Touch.



You will need to retrieve three items - all marked on your map :

  • Spidersac Ichor: Travel down toward the Hall of the Firstsworn, you will find the ichor in a web sack in that space
  • Fennwrac Leaf: Halfway up the left of the parallel two underpasses.
  • Grist from a Jottun's pot: Up through the hairpin heading in to the hollowlands, and up to the upper level to collect the grist.

Return back to heal Efyr Dynnwel, and remind him that he's needed back at the keep. After that the quest is finished but A Master's Touch still remains to be completed (REWARD :  0 Gold, level-dependant XP and the quest A Master's Touch can be continued).

Notes Edit

  • You will not be able to get Time of Need while the Jottun and Kobold are fighting below, during Making Enemies.

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