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Thick as Thieves
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Quest Giver Grim Onwig
Location Hospitalis Quarters
Prerequisite The Purloined Letters
Next Quest None
Reward Twists of Fate, Shadowskin Armor Set
Faction Travelers
Type Faction Quest

Thick as Thieves is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


In the final quest you have to face the Hierophant and choose who to side with, the Hierophant or Grim. After stealing the book and the shroud you have to choose which of the two to frame for the theft. In the lair, if you take the west wing you will frame the Hierophant; if you chose the east wing you will frame Grim.

The reward is a set of armor made out of the Shroud of Shadows.


  • Talk to Grim Onwig in the Hospitalis Quarters and he will tell you that it is time to frame the Hierophant for stealing the Missives of Sable.
  • Return to Sun Camp, and go down into the grave.
  • Just inside the grave, the Hierophant will talk to you and suggest that you side with them. Your choice of answer does not matter for now.
  • Then you talk to Crilgarin who will give you further instructions, but she will not accompany you or fight with you.
  • Travel further along in and to the south in the Hierophant's Den to pickpocket the bag of wind off the Hierophant's guard.
  • If you are detected, you will still receive the Bag of Wind as loot off the guard's dead body.  Therefore, stealthily traversing the dungeon is not a requirement and because of the facing of different guards is very difficult.

Hierophant's Den : seven(7) Piles, one(1) Weapon Rack, two(2) Easy-locked chests, one(1) Average-locked chest, four(4) Hard-locked chests, one(1) Average-locked door, two(2) Unlocked chests, three(3) Traps, one(1) Very Hard-locked door, one(1) Very Hard chest.

  • Return back through the large rectangular room and along to the right but stop immediately at the bottom of the stairs. Running into the room with the large statue of the "Watcher" will sound an alarm to announce your presence.  To prevent your being seen, use the bag of wind just a few steps from the bottom of the stairs but before entering the room (an arrow indicates the spot to use the Bag of Wind).  The Bag of Wind will blow out the torches in the room throwing the room into darkness and allowing you to pass unseen.
  • Once through the Watcher room, you need to choose a side and plant the evidence on either Grim Onwig by going right or on the Hierophant by going left.

NOTE : Either way, no XP or Gold is rewarded for completing this quest.

  • After planting the book, Gnomish Sentinels will immediately appear and raid the underground tunnels, forcing you to escape with your allies.
  • You cannot kill the Hierophant nor Grim (as below).  Using Reckoning after planting the Missives on either results in no deaths.  The Hierophant/Grim simply revives constantly.  The Gnomish attackers do the same in the Framing area.  The Gnomes and Argine Guards die properly after you jump down.

You cannot kill Grim Onwig or his three sentries. The best method of planting the Missives on him is to drink a potion of Phasewalking, plant the Missives, and quickly jump down at the indicated jump point before he goes berserk. The quest will not continue until you jump down. NOTE : There will also be Gnomish Sentinels in Sun Camp now, and most of the Travelers normally found there will have been arrested or moved to the Thirsty Wench in Whitestone. If the Fateless One sides with the Hierophant, she will be relocated to Star Camp; if it was Grim, then both Grim and Phasmer will be at Moon Camp.


  • After the quest Gawait Hand, Harriset Donnel, and Parwen Well all relocate to the Thirsty Wench tavern in Whitestone.
  • The chests during the escape contain random items; one room is trapped with spinning blade traps, so be careful,  disarming the trap doesn't seem to stop it from triggering if you step on the pressure plate.
  • There is an additional (albeit minor) benefit of siding with the Hierophant: she will be able to clear crimes by simply speaking with her.


  • During the escape, follow your allies closely as you run towards the exit. They will stop if they are too far away from you, and if left in the cave will stay there. Crilgarin is especially susceptible to this, and if you don't follow Phasmer directly down towards her (when meeting up with her), she will not actually escape with you, but will instead stand in the room permanently.  This tends to be dependent on whether the fight ends with her behind the room's center pillar.  Easiest way to avoid this is to run to the right and begin bow attacks.  This fixes her position to the right of the pillar.  Then either long range all attacks, draw them all to your side of the rooms, or go into reckoning and dispatch all enemies.  Moving to attack them may draw her behind the pillar for bow support.  She then tends to simply stop running.  Run around her with Phasmer and she usually fixes.  Many saves may be necessary as you coax her to the exit.  Failure to coax your allies out of the dungeon leaves them in it forever and you may not see or interact with them again. 
  • Note: Can be fixed by going back upstairs and running down the staircase on the right (where Phasmer came down).
  • Also be careful not to get too close to the Hierophant when you first enter this dungeon or you could possibly get trapped inside the door she closes after speaking with you.
  • If you take the Bag of winds after planting the book on the Hierophant, the quest will bug and make you repeat all previous steps until you reach the hierophant again, however since you already did the final step you will remain unable to proceed. The only way out of this is reloading a previous save so it is strongly recommended to save upon entering the Hierophant`s lair.
  • Attacking crilgarin before getting the missives will cause her to be hostile and will be unable to proceed save before doing anything stupid.

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