They Walk Among Us
Tuatha spies
Quest Giver Elrod Edman
Location Emaire
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction No
Type Side Quest

They Walk Among Us is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Among the refugees are thought to be Tuatha informants, who, in exchange for gold, betray their fellow comrades. The refugees leader, Elrod Edman, asks the player to find these spies and stop them from doing any harm.


  • Talk to Elrod Edman south of Emaire. He will tell you that that there are spies and that he wants you to deal with them:
    • Nag Fendar: He is found in the Refugee Camp in the central Forsaken Plain, standing near the fire. You can persuade him to stop informing (85% chance at persuade level 5),
    • Anred Amfast: Anred can be found just inside the door to the Blue Bear Tavern or journeying toward the Cradle of Summer. He can be persuaded to stop informing his contacts (85% chance at persuade level 5), and
    • Froma Tonwald: She can be found in New Culn in the southern Forsaken Plains. You can persuade her to stop informing (85% chance at persuade level 5).
  • Failing the Persuasion Attempts will result in the NPCs taking insult and turning hostile. Killing them does count as "dealing with" them, and will progress the quest,
  • Return to Elrod Edman in Emaire who will reward you (XP and Gold, both level dependent)


  • All spies can be persuaded to stop informing, thus sparing them from death (and providing the opportunity to complete you 3 successful Persuasion Attempts, which counts toward the achievement, A Wink and a Smile).

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