Theater of Fate
Theater of Fate
Basic Info
Located in Dellach
Type Building
  • The Hunters Hunted
  • Into the Light
  • Old Friend, New Foes
  • Theater of Fate is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The Theater of Fate is at the heart of Dellach and houses the Destiny Stone. It was here that the first Fateweavers learned their art from the Fae.


    There are one entrance/exit to the Theater of Fate accessable from Dellach, and an exit back to a part of Dellach that can only be reached from the Theater and is a one-way shortcut to the exit.


    The following NPCs can be found here:


    Several things of note can be found in this cave:


    The following enemies can be found here:

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