The Wolds
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Basic Info
Located in Plains of Erathell
Type Area
  • Ayten
  • Rond Farm
  • Buildings
  • Helmgard Keep
  • Caves
  • Cranalt
  • Factions
  • Warsworn
  • Quests
  • Castor's Wrath
  • The Erathell's Blessing
  • Rogue Harvest
  • Strict Accounts
  • The Waters of Madness
  • The Wolds is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The Wolds was formerly a successful agricultural region. However, the pressures of the war have led to the area coming under threat from Freemen bandits, which have discouraged trade and often destroyed farms. The inhabitants of the Wolds include some refugees from the fallen kingdom of Tala-Rane, and they often worry that they will share the fate of that land.


    The Wolds includes two parts, a western part around the village of Ayten and an eastern part around Helmgard Keep. The two parts are connected by a path in the north. The western Wolds border on Dalentarth, with a road leading west into Lorca-Rane. Another path leads north into the Forsaken Plain and one leads south-east into Tala-Rane. The eastern Wolds has another path running north to the Forsaken Plain, Tala-Rane is to the south, across a river running below the Wolds along the base of a sheer cliff.


    The following NPCs can be found here:


    Several things of note can be found in this region:


    The following enemies can be found here:


    The following items found here can be looted:

    • Bed Rolls x 1
    • Chest x 3
    • Locked Chest (Average) x 3
    • Warded Chest (Average) x 1
    • Warded Chest (Hard) x 1
    • Warded Chest (Very Hard) x 1
    • Corpse x 1
    • Fae Burial Mound x 1
    • Locked Footlocker (Very Easy) x 2
    • Hollow Log (Hidden Treasure) x 6
    • Overturned Cart x 2
    • Pile x 2
    • Pile of Rocks (Hidden Treasure) x 4
    • Skeleton x 1
    • Weapon Rack x 2
    • Hidden Well Cache (Hidden Treasure) x 1
    • Whirlpool x 3


    The following reagents can be harvested here:


    The following lorestones can be found here:

    • Stone of the Wolds x 5


    The following shrines can be found here:

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