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The Widow
The widow
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Female
Class Mage

The Widow is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Is that someone tripping about my web? And I thought my fun was over...


The Widow is involved with several quests focusing on the small village of Canneroc. She possesses an ability to command the Giant Spiders and Venomspitters that roam Webwood and Yolvan Castle. She uses those spiders to terrorize the village and attack the Fateless One.


The Widow can be found in , Yolvan Castle, in Webwood, and in Cathrus, a small hollow in the south.


  • She takes part in the quest "Cutting the Threads"
  • The Widow's Wrath: After meeting The Widow in Cathrus, player may accept her offer and kill eight citizens of Canneroc in Webwood instead of killing the Widow. After killing eight citizens in The Silken Seat in Canneroc, player may return to The Widow and receive Crude Steel Blade of Yolvan and around 2600 gold depending on the level of the player.


Another stirs in Yolvan? But it is only a wretched mortal from that doomed town, no doubt. I'm sure my Cathrus brood would love feeding on one as strong as you. The last of Yolvan is dead. Your little town is next. Tell them the Widow has returned, and she is claiming what was once hers.
The mortal from Castle Yolvan. How vexing it is that you escaped. Your stubbornness is yet another irritation from you mortals. But it is the way of my kind to endure. It is not a quality we share. The bulk of my horde lies within, and I am eager that you might face it.
We are not all so fond of roses and sunlight. There are things that grow and multiply and scatter that prefer darkness, and hushed air.

— when asked about the Summer Fae.

The Widow has fangs, and she is protective of her children, mortal. I would not test either claim.
Soon, my wood will be as it once was - it will take time, so much time, but my webs will be spun in the trees of Odarath and Glendara. You shall witness.

— when asked about Webwood.

You shall feed my guardian spiders after all. While they draw breath, none shall approach me. These walls obey my wishes. These spiders' lives are mine. Your way to me will be barred by root and fang.
And here you are yet again. I must say, your hunger is great. Unlike the Fae I slaughtered at Castle Yolvan. Now come, let us test ourselves against each other. I do not fear being cut down. I will rise again, in time. Unlike you.


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