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The Valley of the Blessed (quest)

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The Valley of the Blessed (quest)
The Valley of the Blessed
Quest Giver Serabel Nareen
Location northern Galafor
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
  • random Reagents, or
  • Gold + Medallion
  • Type Side Quest

    The Valley of the Blessed (quest) is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Serabel and Arick have returned to their old farm after years away. They can't rebuild their farm, however, without the help of the Paling Wand, which should be hidden in the Fae hollow, Adarus.


    This is a quest given by Serabel or Graem Haille, in the North-West section of Galafor or Tirin's Rest. She asks the Fateless One to retrieve the Paling Wand from a Fae hollow called Adarus. Serabel and Arick require the wand to tame the land and rebuild their farm, which was destroyed when the Tuatha attacked.

    On the way to the hollow the Fateless One is approached by Graem Haille, who claims that Serabel seeks the wand to tame the land because she did not receive Lyria's blessing. She asks that the Wand is given to her instead so that it may be destroyed, and offers a reward in gold.

    The hollow Adarus is a linear dungeon filled with Sprites and Sprite Frost Champions. At the end of the dungeon the Fateless One has to fight a high-level Bog Thresh and 5 Boggarts.

    After coming out of Adarus the Fateless One needs to decide whom to entrust with the Paling Wand. The choices are:

    • Give it to Serabel
    • Give it to Graem

    Return to SerabelEdit

    Bringing the Paling Wand back to Serabel nets the Fateless One XP (level-based, but no Gold) and 6 random reagents, potentially including Prismere Dust.  Furthermore, Serabel will now provide the Fateless One with additional reagents upon return to her farm.

    Find GraemEdit

    If the Fateless One decides to give the Wand to Graem Haille, she can be found in the center of Tirin's Rest. The reward for bringing the wand to Graem is XP & Gold (both level-based) and a random medallion. A list of possible medallions are listed below:

    • Disciple's Necklace
    • Cavalier's Necklace
    • Necklace of the Fire Attenuation
    • Necklace of the Ice Attenuation
    • Necklace of the Ice Attenuation
    • Necklace of the Elixir
    • Necklace of Clotting
    • Restoring Amulet


    • The wand can be equipped and used, but is much weaker than other equipment found in the area.


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