The Unquiet Bride
Unquied bride
Quest Giver Aethan Engar
Location Ysa
Prerequisite The Ruin of Aodh
Next Quest Shardfall (quest)
Reward Docent's Ring
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

The Unquiet Bride is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Aethan Engar who will ask you to travel to the village of Mel Aglir to find Lerkara Fel.
  • Travel south of Helmgard Keep to find your contact Jubal Caledus. Right after talking to him, you will be attacked.
  • After the fight, he will give you a letter, and suggest you investigate Patrick Morkan.
  • Patrick will tell you that Lerkara recently left, but her belongings are still in her room in the inn.
  • Lerkara's journal will point you toward the cave of Tulan.
  • Partway through the cave you will find Lerkara Fel who will tell you that Patrick Morkan is a necromancer and has resurrected his dead wife.
  • Slightly further on you will find Patrick, and after a brief discussion he will attack. His wife doesn't move very quickly so you can just focus on Patrick. Kill him and return to Lerkara Fel who is upstairs in The Raven.
  • Lerkara will send you back to Aethan Engar who will now be found in Rathir in the upper city.
  • Aethan will give you your reward :
    • Level-dependant XP for quest completion, but no Gold
    • Promote you to Docent
    • Give you the Docent's Ring

You will need to speak to Aethan Engar again to receive your next quest, Shardfall.


  • If you go into Morkan House and go upstairs, you will find his bedroom. Two notable things are the desk and a chest:
    • The chest, which is locked with a spell, is full of different types of gems. Although you still have to steal them, they are of high value.
    • The desk, also locked but without a spell, has a couple of notes notes and a book called On Life and Death. The book is written by Patrick and tells about his life. He first writes about how his beloved wife died so suddenly. In his grief, he remembers the day of how they met. He was running to the Scholia Arcana's main house in Rathir to take his initiation trial. He took a shortcut that he never used before. Standing on the sidewalk of the shortcut was his soon-to-be-wife, Jane, who was selling flowers. It was love at first sight. He then writes how he subtlety wooed her and how he never made it to his initiation trial.

Note: In order to maximize XP gain, a player should go to Patrick's home before going to Tulan and getting Patrick's key, as it unlocks the front door, the chest (though it is still warded and must be dispelled in the usual fashion) and the desk, thus depriving the player of the XP gained from unlocking the three.

  • The Reed House is related to the story of this quest. It is across from Patrick's home and is all boarded on the outside. Upon entry the room is in a mess, but what's most obvious is the pile of rubble on the stairs that contains a chest. Inside the chest the loot is random but one item always appears wiith each playthough (a scripted item) which is a handkerchief. The description states that the handkerchief has old, familiar stains and that it has the initials JM, which could mean Jane Morkan.

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