The Treasures of Meropis
Treasure meropis
Quest Giver Echostone
Location Ballads Library
Prerequisite Song of Sir Sagrell
Next Quest None
Reward Gold obtained from selling the items
Faction None
Type Side Quest

The Treasures of Meropis is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I've Chosen to relive the famous Fae ballad Treasures of Meropis, in which Sir Farrara looted the legendary treasure chambers of Meropis, the ancient island nation that later sank into the sea. Farrara hid his stolen prizes in bodies of water around Dalentarth.


The Fateless One can only start this quest after completing Song of Sir Sagrell, as the Ballads Signet Ring is required to access to the Ballads Library. The eponymous Fae Cairn, Treasures of Meropis, is located in a room to the right of the entrance. Once it is picked up any Echostone  will start the quest.


The Fateless One will be tasked with finding five treasures that Sir Farrara hid in the waters around Dalentarth. The locations are as follows:

Once all are found the quest ends.


  • You get XP (level-dependant, about 500 - for quest completion) when you collect the fifth treasure.
  • The gold reward comes from selling the treasures (roughly 850 per item with minimal Mercantile skill).


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