The Teeth of Naros
Helycs camp close
Quest Giver None
Location Helyc's Camp
Prerequisite DLC
Next Quest Rites of Passage
Reward Twist of Fate - Beckoned
Faction None
Type Main Quest

The Teeth of Naros is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


I've heard of an expedition of mercenaries that discovered a route to the Teeth of Naros, an unexplored land to the south of Dalentarth. I should make contact with the expedition and see if I can accompany them on their journey.


The quest is obtained after purchasing The Teeth of Naros DLC, and is the first quest in the extra line of quests. Much like with the other DLCs the quest is added to the journal automatically upon starting/loading game.


  • Helyc Crosse, the expedition's leader, can be found in the southern part of Ettinmere. After the Fateless One agrees to join his expedition, he will run into the Southern Passage. As with all locations, loot and enemy level ranges and gets locked upon your entry into the area.  One a first pass, I entered with a level 37 character and was not challenged.  On a second game, I entered at level 18 and found the enemies tougher and still received over 10 unigue and rare items on the path to Kahrunk.  This is something to keep in mind for your gameplay as to WHEN you wish to enter.  Dead Kel DLC can be entered as low as level 10, except to get there you will low level lock multiple areas and cities and make them rather simplistic.
  • Soon after entering the passage the Fateless One must fend off a group of spiders and Giant Rats that attacked the other members.
    • Denric's Journal I can be found in this area. 
    • Make sure to pick up all three Journals as they are used in a side Quest and Achievement Trophy.
  • A little deeper into the cave the expedition finds a statue-like corpse, which causes Cach to flee.
    Sveri trap narrow

    A fatal step

  • Soon after the party approaches a suspicious-looking corridor and Sveri Brond is sent to search for traps. She steps on a switch, and gets killed by spinning blades.
  • The next chamber introduces a new creature - the Pteryx.
  • The expedition soon reaches a Pteryx nest guarded by two Pteryx and an Alpha Pteryx, and Helyc Crosse is injured during the battle. He asks the Fateless One to find a spot for a camp.
    • He can be given a Minor Healing Potion if the "Will you be alright?" dialogue option is chosen, doing so will ensure his survival, you can meet him again later, after the end of the questline, on the road between the Southern Passage entrace and Secandra's Camp. The Fateless One will then have an oportunity to tell Helyc about his adventures if he metions that he already went to the city, thus inspiring Helyc to write a book, or several, the Fateless One will then recive 8 copies of Naros Chronicle, each detaling his quests.
  • Denric's Journal II can be found in the next passage, before the massive circular gate.
    • save before jumping down since this is the last point to turn around.
  • After jumping down a landslide blocks the path back, and the Fateless One must now find a way out.
  • Finally, the Fateless One enters a chamber with a pedestal and a giant mask. Upon picking up Cipher of Ethene, Ethene will speak through the mask, sending the Fateless One on a mission to change the fate of a civilization.This awards the Twist of Fate - Beckoned.
  • Exiting the cave via the nearby exit starts the next quest - Rites of Passage.
  • Your play style is judged as you enter and proceed through the main quest line.  Specific main quest awards are given based on what style the game has judged you favored since entering the Teeth of Naros. This is based on your attack preferences. Use of a bow, daggers, faeblades and stealth/backstabbing will increase finesse percentage.  Use of staff, chakram, sceptre and magic attacks will indicate sorcery.  Might will be indicated by use of longswords, greatswords, hammers, and slotable might abilities.  This is important to be aware of if you are looking for a specific quest award set.  See further wikia Teeth of Naros main quest descriptions/notes.

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