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The Silent Step

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The Silent Step
The silent step
Quest Giver Hierophant Shrine
Prerequisite The Guided Hands
Next Quest Jailbreak
Reward Gold
Faction Travelers
Type Faction Quest

The Silent Step is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Go the The Star Camp in Dalentarth after completing The Guided Hands.


Aergase, Hunting Herald

Pray at the Hierophant Statue

Pray at the Hierophant Shrine. You will be asked to steal Buru's Boots, a pair of magical footwear belonging to Ametair, but first you must find him. Meet with Aergase Aergase, Ametair's herald, can be found in The Sidhe overlooking the entrance to Aodh. She tells you that you must travel to Arduath to kill him and retrieve the boots. Go to Arduath Travel to Arduath, in the northernmost area of The Sidhe. When you enter you will open a door and begin hearing Ametair's Voice. You will have a chance to persuade him, but he will inevitably tell you that he cannot give you the boots and you will have to kill him before he can give them up.

  • A successful persuasion will give you the unique amulet named, The Hunter's Friend (+6% Damage with Ranged, +6% Damage Beasts, +1 Stealth)
  • If you are out of or do not use healing potions you may eat the reagant Black Cohosh to recover 10-15 hp per.  You may not eat many at once, however, you can eat one, go out of inventory, back into your inventory immediately and eat another.  This is especially important if you are effected by his bleeding attack.  During the chase, you can retreat after hitting him (he moves forward in the cave after a small percentage of damage) giving yourself time to regoup and recover.  Ranged spells or other attacks help.
  • the chests can be left for later.  Upon reentry, Arduath is filled with Boggarts and your friendly nieghborhood Thresh.

Kill Ametair


Information window on Buru's Boots

To get Buru's Boots, you will have to engage and kill Ametair. As you bring him down in health, he will open a series of doors while stealthed. This will lead to four rooms where you follow him to continue the fight.

Recover the Boots

Loot the Buru's Boots from Ametair's body.  Note :  Ametair will only drop the boots and nothing else, unlike most bosses.

Return to Crilgarin

Bring the boots back to Star Camp and give them to Crilgarin, and she gives you the information for the next quest (as well as some level-dependant Gold & XP for completing the quest).


  • Use a ranged weapon against Ametair, to keep out of range of his Faeblades.
  • Do not use Fate Shift until the last room of the fight. Using it at the start will let it run out before you can get the XP boost.
  • Ametair's faeblades can cause you to Bleed, so be careful that you don't get hit.
  • If you manage to successfully persuade Ametair using persuasion skill during 1st encounter, he would give you a amulet/necklace with some good stats on it but after that Ametair would still attack you.

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