The Siege of Moondown
Captain canwen
Quest Giver Captain Canwen
Location Camp Moondown
Prerequisite Pride Before a Fall
Next Quest None
Reward random item + gold
Faction None
Type Side Quest

The Siege of Moondown is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Camp Moondown is all that keeps the Tuatha from retaking the Caeled Coast and reentering Klurikon. I must join in its defense.


The HealerEdit

  • After the fight, Captain Canwen asks for help locating a missing Healer - Colm Bardan - who was abducted by Tuatha Raiders and taken to Glasspillar Caves.
  • In the Caves, the Fateless One should take the southern path to reach a large room with 3 Tuatha and a wounded Colm.
  • After clearing the room, the Fateless One learns that Colm needs a Master Healing Potion to get better.  The Fateless One can :
    • Give him a potion,
    • Use the mortar and pestle next to him to make the potion,
    • or Find Colm's backpack (very hard dispel) in the first room on the south path, which contains a potion.
  • Once Colm is better, he must be escorted to the cave entrance.

The BlacksmithEdit

  • Back in Camp Moondown, Captain Canwen asks for help finding the blacksmith, Anella Saff -  who wandered off and never came back.
  • The place to look in is the Whispering Caves.  Anella can be found in one of the deeper rooms, in a cage. Once freed, she asks, less than politely, for help in retrieving a staff - the Breath of Arba.
  • The staff can be found in a nearby room, guarded by a few Tuatha. Make sure to defend Anella as she can die and surprisingly attacks the guards herself with only her fists. The Fateless One must retrieve it from a statue, and escort Anella to the cave exit.
  • During the conversation with Captain Canwen, back at the camp, a larger Tuatha force attacks : 5 Tuatha Soldiers, 2 Tuatha Overlords and 1 Bolgan Brute. Make sure you defend Anella and Captain Canwen as the quest will fail if even one of them dies. Better stay around Anella and keep checking on the Captain who has a fairly good amount of health.

The MercenariesEdit

  • When the camp is safe, Captain Canwen asks the Fateless One to bring back the mercenaries - who left when the gold ran out.
    Burning tower

    Burning Watchtower

  • Their leader, Gorem Kane, can be found on an overpass, in the center of the area.  He says the mercenaries will come back, if the Fateless One can burn 3 Tuatha watchtowers along the road to Shadow Pass.
    • In one of the options, the Fateless One can persuade Gorem to come back right away with a (hard) persuasion check.
    • Another option is to pay them(5,000 gold) which saves you from the tower tasks.
  • The towers are marked on the map, and are guarded by Tuatha Zealots and Tuatha Soldiers.  Once the third tower is set on fire, additional Tuatha Priests and Faer Gorta spawn around each tower.
  • Talk to Gorem, he will now return to the Camp after a short conversation.

The Final StandEdit

  • The final task is a morale-boosting speech from the Siegebreaker before the Tuatha's final push.
    • Choice of speech options do not seem to make a difference.  The crowd cheers the most after a successful persuasion option, but that is all the difference.
  • After the speech, the camp is attacked one last time : 3 Tuatha Zealots, 2 Tuatha Overlords and 2 Bolgan Thugs.
  • When the battle is over, the Fateless One should speak to Captain Canwen to finish the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~4300 and 7250 at level 39, and a random weapon).


Moondown speech bug

The harmless bug

  • While the Fateless One can clear the way for Anella Saff, she must be brought to the room where the Breath of Arba is found before it can be retrieved.
  • The Breath of Arba is useless, but it's automatically removed from inventory anyway as soon as the Fateless One leaves the Whispering Caves with Anella.
  • The speech scene is actually bugged on some platforms (confirmed for PC and xbox 360 version), and the Fateless One can be seen standing in the crowd, with the podium empty.
  • There's another bug (encountered on PC, the Xbox 360 and PS3) causing Anella to stand in front of the platform permanently. There's no more dialogue with her and she does not offer Repair services as she's supposed to.