The Secret of the Fae Pools
Location Galafor
Prerequisite Read Kandir's Journal
Reward Boggart follower
Faction None
Type Task

The Secret of the Fae Pools is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Secret of the Fae Pools is a task acquired by reading Kandir's Journal.

  • The Fateless One can acquire a Boggart follower through this task (and an XP award for "completing" the task). This Boggart will follow the Fateless One and fight enemies (can be killed).
  • To spawn the boggart, follow the color of the flowers immediately surrounding the stone (see also Urn Combinations below).
  • The Boggart is treated as an NPC and can only be hurt by activating the NPC friendly fire (H [PC] or Up [X360/PS3]). This also ensures that the Boggart will not fall victim to "friendly fire" during battles.
  • The fourth strange stone - the green one - can be found in the cart near Tirin's rest (in an ore crate behind Cergren & Brand, Mercantile).
  • If the Fateless One moves too far away from the Boggart it will teleport closer in an explosion of magical energy.
  • The Boggart is prone to drifting off and losing focus.
  • This Task seems continuous, and does not end even after summoning the Boggart or trying out all combinations.


Kandir's Journal can be found lying next to the corpse of Kandir by the Western mountains of Galafor in the Plains of Erathell, just north-west of Gloamthicket. This location is easily located by the Large Fae Ballad stones.

Kandir's JournalEdit

Kandir's Journal reads:-

"I found the book and then the stones. I have spent four days trying the combinations now, but I still have not summoned a boggart. Did make myself sick enough that I could hardly limp back to town. I will try again this morning. Lyria grant this one yields my boggart."

On Fae VitalityEdit

On Fae Vitality is a book which can be looted off of the body of Kandir.

Urn CombinationsEdit

These combinations start in order going counter-clockwise from the North-most urn. Starting with the one furthest away from Kandir's body (north).

Boggart Purple Red Blue
Death's Touch Green Purple Blue
Fire Explosion Blue Purple Red
Green Purple Red
Red Blue Green
Nothing Blue Green Purple
Blue Green Red
Blue Purple Green
Blue Red Green
Blue Red Purple
Green Blue Purple
Green Blue Red
Green Red Blue
Green Red Purple
Purple Blue Green
Purple Blue Red
Purple Green Blue
Purple Green Red
Purple Red Green
Red Green Blue
Red Green Purple
Red Purple Blue
Red Purple Green
Temporary Poison Red Blue Purple


  • There are reports of the Boggart not following the Fateless One at all, dancing in place instead. See the talk page for details.
  • The Boggart often explodes and dies if the player chooses to fast travel.