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The Ruin of Aodh
Nuala ignas
Quest Giver Aethan Engar
Location Scholia Arcana
Prerequisite Trial by Fire
Next Quest The Unquiet Bride
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

The Ruin of Aodh is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • At the end of Trial by Fire, Aethan Engar will tell you to explore the ruins of Aodh.
  • The first section is a linear path with sections that open up slightly with round Erathi Sigils in the center. These areas each have between 2-6 fire mine traps close to their approaches and 4 fire mine traps on the sigil in the center. It is possible to walk simply around the sigils, then draw enemies back into the mine field. However, if you approach too closely, it is possible to be knocked by the mine's explosion into the field of the other mines. Should you trigger a mine, immediately roll to avoid its explosive force.
  • Sprites and Sprite Flame Champions appear frequently. The Flame Champions are resistant to flame based damage and the presence of any type of Sprite Champion provides a resistance bonus to regular Sprites in the vicinity.
  • The first section leads to a room with 4 doorways. This room begins the appearance of the Vraekor Priesthood. The Priest of Vraekor uses a sorcery attack base. 2 Barghest accompany 2 Priests in this room. 1 Barghest, 1 Flame Champion Sprite and 2 Sprites lay in wait in through the eastern door. The northern door leads to a small room with a lootable skeleton. Take the southern path avoiding two fire mine traps until you come to a closed door.
  • Through the door you will find another set of Sprites and Champion Sprites in the first half of the room. Beyond that, the next room contains 9 Fire mine traps. Avoid/disarm the traps, loot the skeleton and proceed through the door.
  • The next hallway has several one room hallways on either side as you proceed. Each room contains warded chests of various levels and each room contains 7-9 fire mine traps in front of the chests. Once you've finished or avoided looting, proceed down the hallway. Traps will continue to be in every single room and hallway until the end of the dungeon. The next room's exit is to the west, and each other hallway leads to single room encounters with sprites and Priests of Vraekor and lootable chests. When done fighting, proceed west.
  • After another fight with Sprites and Flame Champion Sprites, proceed slowly through a tight heavily mined corridor to your final destination where you can talk to Nuala Ignas. It appears that she is possessed by some evil force.
  • At the entrance to the room, there are two altars (Mitharu and Belen), pray at these to receive bonuses for the fight ahead.
  • She will try to read your destiny and then attack. She is joined by Sprites. Nuala has the ability to rise up in the air higher than a normal sorcery character making it impossible to melee her until she comes down. Once you have killed, her loot her body to receive the Sun Stone. Loot the nearby warded chests.
  • Upon Nuala's death, a secret door will open on the north wall, opening a shortcut back to the entrance.
  • Return back to Aethan Engar. He will take the Sun Stone you collected, and will give you your next quest, The Unquiet Bride.


Some notable loot found includes:


Nualas end

Nuala's End

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