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The Requiem

The Requiem

The Requiem is the ship captained by the undead pirate, Dead Kel, found in the DLC The Legend of Dead Kel. It isn't clear who built it or when it was built. The Requiem is infamous for attacking ships in the Frostbreak Sea, approching silently in the fog before its crew, the Hanged Men, and their Faer Gorta attack. 

The ship is a plot device during the DLC's main storyline, being stored in the Dark Harbor and guarded by the deadly giant Bloodgrin along with a score of Faer Gorta. Following the giant's defeat, the Fateless One opens the gates blocking the ship's exit from the Harbor and captains it, sailing back to Cape Solace to warn the townspeople of a traitor among them. Rast Brattigan takes over the ship from there, usiing it to shepard her erstwhile shipmate to and from mainland Amalur. It is unclear whether she gained a new crew to help maintain it. 

The ship is necessary to build the final upgrade to Gravehal Keep, presumably so as to facilitate the Fateless One's participation in the Diplomacy task that becomes available afterwards. 

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