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The Purloined Letters
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Quest Giver Grim Onwig
Location Snaketail Grotto
Prerequisite Classic Misdirection
Next Quest Thick as Thieves
Reward Gold + Book of Stealth or Book of Detect Hidden
Faction Travelers
Type Faction Quest

The Purloined Letters is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • After talking to Grim Onwig near the exit to Snaketail Grotto, head back to Adessa so you can find Phasmer Humm
  • Head through Adessa, and then to Adessa Isles, and enter the Livrarium. Talk to Phasmer and he will tell you that you need to put the Missives of Sable under the Shroud of Omission which will be given to you.  Tell him you're ready to go and a grate will open to let you into the Forbidden Hall.

NOTE: The grate leading inside to the Forbidden Hall will be locked once accessed. Proper preparation and the optional adequate inventory space are a must. Another exit will be available later.

  • Travel through the vaults to get to the Missives of Sable.  The guards inside are flagged as hostile and attacking them won't be considered a crime.  A high enough Detect Hidden will be useful here since their facing and positions will be shown on the mini-map. Backstabbing your way through is an option.  The vault key can be acquired by looting or pickpocketing the sorcery based Forbidden Vault Keymasters.
  • Eventually, there'll be a room with 8 braziers and a central chest.  This chest can only be dispelled by lighting all of the braziers. This is done by activating each and every one in a ring pattern either way (clockwise or counter-clockwise). Missing or skipping just one will mess up the pattern thus requiring a pull of a lever in the same room to reset the puzzle. The scroll "Reminder for Initiates" provides a hint on solving this. As soon as The Missives of Sable is wrapped into the Shroud of Omission, more gnomes will appear.
  • Fight or sneak your way to the exit then return to Grim Onwig in the Hospitalis Quarters.
  • He will reward you XP and Gold. Both level based (~1600 and 8100 at level 34) and either a Stealth or Detect Hidden skill book - whichever wasn't acquired during Going Rogue along with starting the next quest: Thick as Thieves.


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Vault Key
  • Stealth or Detect Hidden skill book - quest completion reward


  • There is a ladder part way through the dungeon. Do not go up it in the beginning. You will not be able to enter again. You can, however, go back to the Livrarium to enter again.
  • When leaving the Forbidden Hall, be careful not to hit the lever near the exit ladder as it will block off the ladder.
  • Inside the Forbidden Hall there are a number doors, furniture and chests which can be lockpicked. They are listed below:
    • Three (3) Very Hard-locked doors
    • Eleven (11) desks
    • Six (6) unlocked chests
    • One (1) Easy-locked chest
    • One (1) Average-locked chest
    • Two (2) Hard-locked chests
    • One (1) Very Hard-locked chest
    • One (1) Warded chest


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