The Prison Ship
Olaf, locked in a cage and left to die
Quest Giver Olaf Asvaldsson
Location Scuttle Beach (Gallows End)
Prerequisite An Infestation
Next Quest Coveting Tragedy
Reward Porthole Buckler
Faction None
Type Side Quest

The Prison Ship is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


A prison ship has wrecked off the coast of Gallows End. The only survivor is a mercenary named Olaf, who was locked in a cage by escaping prisoners. To free Olaf I must find the key to his cage, which was last on the belt of the boatswain.


  • Talk to Olaf Asvaldsson who is in a cage in the south-east of Scuttle Beach. He will ask you to find a key to set him free from the cage he is trapped in.
  • The key is on one of the Scuttlecrabs in a small alcove to the West.
  • Once Olaf is freed he runs off to Cape Solace.
  • Since it was originally Nesta Gwynedd who mentioned looking for survivors the Fateless One should return to her to end the quest.

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