The Orison
Abelyra seranon
Quest Giver Abelyra Seranon
Location Temple of Lyria
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Type Side Quest

The Orison is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


You have seen for yourself. Many in Rathir perform the rite, once, maybe twice in a lifetime. The work is hard , but the aura is slow to fade.
Abelyra Seranon


Talk to Abelyra Seranon in the Temple of Lyria in the upper city of Rathir. She will tell you that you are welcome to the Orison if you complete three tasks.

  1. Sojourn : Carry the temple amphora to the three sacred springs
    1. Rathir : Just north of Rathir.
    2. Galafor : In the far north on the pass to the Forsaken Plain
    3. Snowmelt Pass : In the center west of Galafor
  2. Go to the The Lower Tunnels of Rathir and convince the blasphemer to stop preaching.
    1. Tell him "Lyria is like waters around us" or Persuade for bonus XP
    2. Tell him "She gave all a place in Rathir" or Persuade for bonus XP
    3. Tell him "She gave the three gifts!" or Persuade for bonus XP
  3. The Giving : You must give one of three things:
    1. 10% of your current XP (actually 90% of your current XP total)
    2. A varying amount of gold.
    3. An epic gem

To do this part of the quest, a Ceremonial Figurine has been added to your inventory. If you choose the epic gem option, you to take the figurine to a Sagecraft Altar and place an Epic Gem in it. Then you may turn it in.


  • Permanent positive effect: The Orison
  • Level-based XP (no Gold) for completing the quest.


  • When the third part of the quest is being completed, you can give "10%" of your XP, a level-based amount of gold or "supposedly" socket an epic gem in a statue that the quest giver gives you. When socketing the epic gem, no option to give the statue pops up, only experience or gold.
  • It appears as though the gold value you may gift is somewhat less than 10%.
  • Even though the text says you will be giving up 10% of your experience (not total but of the current level's XP) it in fact takes 90% of current level progression experience and leaves you with 10%. NOT a good choice at all.
  • The statue will be taken from your inventory whether you put an Epic Gem in it or not.
  • If you want to keep most of your XP, wait to turn this in until immediately after you level, the actual points lost are very minimal. It is even possible to earn some experience for completing the quest by doing so.

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