The Night
The night
Base Damage 10-70
Durability 25
Rarity Unique
Type Daggers
Requirements Level 1-20
  • +5% Critical Hit Damage
  • +5% Damage at Night
  • The Night is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The card of The Night is considered by most Fateweavers to be an ill omen, predicting death near to the one who pulls it. Although the card can be an omen, it can also be a blessing, as death is sometimes an agreeable end to a conflict.

    Damage BreakdownEdit

    • 5-35 Physical Damage
    • 5-35 Piercing Damage


    • +5% Critical Hit Damage
    • +5% Damage at Night


    The Night can be found in the Special Delivery chest in Gorhart Village. It is DLC and part of the Reckoning Finesse Bonus Pack.


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