The Lady's Children
Private jenara
Quest Giver Private Janara
Location Ansilla Camp
Prerequisite Breaking The Siege
Next Quest None
Reward See Rewards
Faction None
Type Side Quest

The Lady's Children is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I have agreed to help the soldier, Private Uda Janara, located the lost doll of Lady Clary Ansilla. If legend is to be believed, the dolls were the hiding place of something of great value. They are likely scattered across the Caeled Coast.


It is said that many years ago, the Lady Clary Ansilla of Castle Ansilla grew mad due to her isolation out in the Caeled Coast, her mind plagued by false truths and delusions. In one lapse of judgment she took the life of her youngest son. Smothering him her chamber pillow. That act lead way for her madness to further infect her mind and in this madness it is said that she created her dolls who would become her new family.


The Lady's Children is a quest received after obtaining one of the 5 Ansilla Dolls scattered in the Southern portion of the Caeled Coast in Klurikon or by speaking to Private Uda Janara who can be found at the Ansilla Camp in the north-western part of the southern Caeled Coast.  Janara will explain that she has always wanted to search for them, but due to the army has been unable to.  She then ask's that the Fateless One search for them for her in order for their secrets to finally be revealed.

As soon as the quest is picked up, the locations of the remaining Ansilla Dolls will be marked on your map.  The locations of the dolls can range from being in chest's, looted of monsters or looted off of dead corpses.  They can be found at :

  1. On a shelf in the southern part of the keep Seawatch
  2. Dropped by one of the Tuatha in front of Castle Ansilla
  3. In a chest in the center of Castle Ansilla
  4. In a chest in the starburst shaped room after the location of the previous doll.
  5. On a skeleton north of Ansilla Camp through a tree trunk.

After you've recovered all 5 Ansilla Dolls, you'll be prompted to return to Private Uda Janara.

After showing her the dolls, she will ask if there is in fact anything special about them.  You'll then be given a single dialogue option depending on what you've done.

Reward 1: Some dolls intactEdit

If the dolls are returned intact the mystery remains unsolved :

Reward 2: All dolls openedEdit

If the dolls are opened before returning to Uda the secret is revealed and the Private Uda Janara's reaction seems much more positive :


  • You must activate all 5 Ansilla Dolls before speaking to Janara in order to receive all of the gems. Not doing so will mean that Janara will take whichever doll you've opened along with the one(s) you haven't without giving you the gem inside.

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