The Isle of Eamonn
Firstsworn painting
Quest Giver Gwyn Anwy
Location Rathir
Prerequisite The House of No Doors
Next Quest The Mystic Hammer
Reward Gold

Oathsworn title granted

Faction Warsworn
Type Faction

The Isle of Eamonn is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Follow Gwyn Anwy to the Docks of Rathir and speak to Captain Gonthorm. The Warsworn had helped him out in the past and he is only too glad to help you reach Eamonn's Isle. You can set forth straightaway or choose the other option to do some other stuff. Gwyn says that she has already sent word to Tine Delfric and you both can proceed as soon as possible.

You will arrive in an area of ruins.  Note that you can't fast travel to other locations from here.  You will have to talk to Captain Gonthorm and take ship back if you wish to head back to areas west of the continent you are on now.

Take the road before you, fighting the Venomspitters and Crudoks along the way.  There will be some Fahrlangi near the entrance of Eamonn's Fortress.  Defeat them and head inside.

Once inside, Gwyn will say that you are both here to find out why Lord Anru Besin would come here.  You should head to the Chapel, it's where anything of value would be left.  Gywn will reveal some details about her mother as you make your way through the fortress.  Once you head up the stairs and take a right, there will be a hidden wall along the right wall of the circular area where the Fahrlangi are, if your Detect Hidden skill (5+ points needed) is high enough.

Proceed, and in the next area, an open area with no ceiling above you, there is another hidden wall to the north. There are some Niskaru Bloodhunters in that room.

Eamonn's fortress1

Inside Eamonn's Fortress

Continue to make your way to the Chapel and you will encounter another group of Fahrlangi.  The first group can summon Niskaru if you don't defeat them quickly.  After the initial group of summoners, two more waves will spawn before the fighting stops.

Don't worry if Gwyn is defeated, she will revive automatically after a few seconds.

After the fight is over, head on over to the mural.  Gywn will tell you that Lord Besin's plans are revealed there.  It seems Lord Besin wishes to follow in the footsteps of Fahrlang, a mage who tried to summon a Niskaru Lord. While Fahrlang was defeated, Lord Anru Besin believes that he will succeed.

Gwyn tells you to go back to Shieldring Keep and look for Tine Delfric.  Take the ladder out and jump off the ledge.  Talk to Captain Gonthorm and head back to Rathir. At Shieldring Keep, Tine Delfric reveals some information about Besin, a former member of the Orbocant of Rathir. While he understands that you need the Mystic Hammer, none below the rank of Oathblade are allowed to enter Eagonn's Tomb, where the Hammer is. He then makes you an Oathblade, rectifying that problem in a jiffy and also providing you with the quest reward (XP and Gold, both level-based ~1300 and 7100 at level 31), the title of Oathblade, the Seeker's Plate & the Warsworn Monuments Key).

Delfric tells you to head to Eagonn's Tomb, in Detyre and to meet up with Gwyn Anwy when you have the Hammer. This quest ends and the next one, The Mystic Hammer, begins when he is finished talking to you.


The Warsworn Monuments Key enables the Fateless One to open certain chests (unopenable otherwise) in Shieldring Keep(1), Helmgard Keep(1), and Ironfast Keep(2).

- If you exit the fortress and go back in, all 3 Fahrlangi waves will spawn at once providing an tremendously efficient experience farming method.